Returns and Exchanges


Approved returns must be accompanied with receipt, unopened, and in original condition within 10 days. Returns for spoilage or poor quality must be accompanied by a receipt and brought back to the store within 24 hours. Please bring your return item to the register immediately, before shopping.


Non-returnable: Perishable foods/sensitive products (i.e., produce, dairy, frozen, supplements, etc.) are not returnable after being taken out of the store. Exceptions may be made at the manager’s discretion.


All returns and exchanges must be accompanied by a receipt. No returns will be accepted after 10 days.



Shipping & Delivery

Some products can be shipped outside of the Crestone area: supplements, teas and other non-perishable, non-breakable items. Exceptions may be made at the manager’s discretion. We ship only by US Postal service (USPS).



Special Orders — Buying by Bulk / Cases

In an effort to promote affordable food staples and household goods, Elephant Cloud Market offers a bulk-ordering price tier. When you place a special order for food and household items by the case or in bulk quantities, you are eligible to receive greatly reduced pricing.


For products that are delivered on one of our three weekly truck deliveries by UNFI or Albert’s Organic, we charge 15 percent above wholesale. In order to stimulate local economy, we offer a discount on special orders paid by cash or check. EBT/Snap Benefits are also eligible for the reduced 8 percent mark-up.


Some products like health/beauty supplements and household goods are marketed by ‘the each’, not by the case. You are able to receive the discounted rates when you order three (3) or more at one time. You may order less than three (3) and be charged by our regular shelf price, especially helpful for customers who want access to products we cannot carry due to limited space and our store product policies.


If the product is something that Elephant Cloud Market needs or is interested in, we may be able to split a case at 18 percent over the wholesale cost. Split cases are at the manager’s discretion and begin at half of the case quantity (i.e., three of six or six of twelve).


If you order products that are from independent manufacturers and direct distributors that are not delivered on our weekly trucks, the discount price will vary and may not always be available. These items take longer to receive, up to four weeks. The rate of discount and details of the ordering policies for a given product will be given to you at the time you place the order.


*Customer requests for products that require opening a new account is subject to manager approval and may take up to six weeks to receive.*


Truck Deliveries – Delivery Times and Days

We receive three (3) UNFI grocery deliveries and four (4) produce deliveries each week.


• To pick up your order for produce and groceries on Sunday after 6pm, place your special order by 7pm on the previous Thursday.


• To pick up your order for produce and groceries on Tuesday after 12pm, place your special order by 12pm on the previous Saturday.


• To pick up your order for produce and groceries on Thursday after 5pm, place your special order by 12pm on the previous Tuesday.


• To pick up your order for produce only on Monday after 4pm, place your special order by 6pm on the previous Friday.


Please feel welcome to call us before you pick up your order for an estimated truck arrival time. Sometimes the delivery trucks run late and we do not want you to waste your time or gas.


Recycling and Waste

The Elephant Cloud Market owners and employees have a green consciousness when buying products and when dealing with packaging and waste materials. We strive to maintain a strict philosophy of sound sustainable ecological practices to support the health of Mother Earth.


Elephant Cloud Market buys first from local companies and expands its reach from there to other grass-root businesses that also maintain ethical, sustainable practices.


We cultivate relationships with small, sustainable farms and manufacturers who produce natural, organic, non-gmo foods and who maintain a similar philosophy as ours. However, if you want to buy a product or brand that we do not carry, it can be ordered in bulk from the catalog. See Special Orders above.


We recycle everything that is recyclable: cardboard, paper, plastic and glass. Our produce bags are compostable and most of our in-house bulk packaging is made of non-plastic, biodegradable materials. We send produce waste to local growers to feed local animals and for composting.


Contacting Elephant Cloud Market

Elephant Cloud is open from 8am to 8pm, daily. For special orders or questions about your order, please call 719-496-0966, come by in person at the store, or send us an email at: manager@elephantcloud.cloud.


Please do not leave your order on a phone message. If you don’t have access to the internet or email, please try calling again. All other questions should be directed to manager@elephantcloud.cloud.