At the Elephant Cloud, we strive to not only make holistically nourishing foods available to our community but also serve as a trusted resource for personalized health guidance.


Achieving a state of balanced health abundance in today's time, in which you are thriving with vital energy and free from chronic ailments and frequent illness, takes an individualized process that changes overtime.  Supplying the food is just part of the equation so it's important to us to go a step further. 


Through our teaching kitchen we show you how to take ingredients from our shelves and bring them to life in your own kitchen through your own creative alchemy. We want every customer to feel empowered to create healing and tasty meals, from simple to gourmet, that can be tailored to your dietary preferences using the freshest seasonal produce and highest-quality animal foods. 

For folks short on time to prepare their own food, we also provide an affordable and convenient prepared meal solution to those in Crestone and the greater San Luis Valley. With a rotating and customizable menu you get to choose which dishes and how many servings you get based on your monthly subscription.  We have qualified members of our team that can help you choose which food plan is right for you based on your health concerns and goals.  To set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation please fill out the contact form below. 

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